Keeping up with fitness when on travel!

I travel a lot for work and leisure. I consider myself really lucky that I have job revolving around travel. Like, how many people get that? If you have a job that allows you to travel, trust me – that is one of the biggest perks! Provided you like to travel and explore 🙂

But when it comes to traveling often, there are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to – keeping health in mind. You will most likely find healthy food everywhere on the planet now but when I leave home,  I like to binge, on food and drinks. It is like vacation time for me. But cant be, when you are traveling every week, right? I ended up gaining a few pounds and that’s when I realized I really needed to work on a plan. A plan that will work, for good. Sharing this plan that has worked really well for me – less binging and more health conscious.

  • Pack for workout

My biggest excuse whenever I traveled was – Oh I need to pack so much stuff, and there is a stringent weight limit, how can I pack those shoes and workout gear? WRONG. This needs to change. You just need a pair of shoes and some clothes! If you’re jet-setting across the globe and there’s only one pair of running shoes you could pack – make sure they suit the terrain, can be worn in different weather conditions, and of course, give you the comfort you need during the workout and a run. I pick the Nike Free series – great for a run and super light. Perfect for that travel bag. And for gear, I love the Nike Dry-fit series. It’s great if you want to quickly wash and dry the gear – that way you carry two pairs and use the liquid soap provided in the hotel to sanitize the gear 🙂 My constant is a pair of shorts, a training shirt, a tank a sports bra, a headband and/or tracks – This is all around 3 pounds in all. Is it really that much to carry? 😉  Carry a light jacket again from Nike (You can tell I am a huge Nike fan), if the city you’re visiting is going to be chilly. You are going to enjoy that outdoor run.

  • Run anywhere and everywhere!

Run, wherever you are. Either on the treadmill or the street. Don’t shy away from trading the treadmill for the streets in a new city next time, the shoes will keep you covered—wherever you are, whatever condition you’re in.

  • Find a Gym

Almost every hotel is going to have a gym, so don’t shy away from using it. Even if it is for 20 minutes. Remember, something is better than nothing.


  • Find a gadget that works for you!

Don’t wear it because it looks good (which it does, haha!). Wear it to track your activity. What worked very well for me was the Fitbit. I competed with friends and ended up walking so much more. Apple watch works great too – but its more expensive and you need to charge it more often. Fitbit charge goes from 100 to 0 in 4-5 days, which is great! It does just what it is supposed to do.



It is my personal opinion that it is very boring to workout without a groovy tune in the background. I am sure many share my sentiments. Make sure you have the right music on your phone or you’re carrying your iPod and earplugs for the run/workout. Don’t let no music be an excuse next time. I love the Bose earplugs for a workout – amazing for that bass! I use the iPhone wireless earphones too – hassle-free and wire free!

  • EAT and drink in control

Not always easy to find healthy food when you travel. But not impossible. Most often, there is no time to look for restaurants. I end up getting a bite close to the meeting spot. Don’t skip the meal. Get a salad, wheat bread sandwich, eggs, muesli or even yogurt! Try to not opt for unhealthy food because you know you’re going to binge on it. I try to talk a short walk too after the snack – just so I am energized for that meeting. Try to avoid eating the food served in flights, unless its a flight across the globe. This food is definitely not healthy and stuffed with preservatives. Carry your own – get it packed before the flight from a nice spot at the airport. Also, don’t drink tap water in flights. I’ve read so much about how terrible this water on most flights is. Get bottled water!


Also, curb your alcohol intake – I remind myself constantly it’s not a vacation, its work travel! I avoid liquor. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner but not more! I feel much better the next day when I avoid drinking. Much much better if I throw that workout/run in, in the AM!


Like any other time in the day when you’re home or in office, don’t forget to drink water when on travel. I tend to forget this very often. I carry a bottle of water in my bag to remind myself I need to consume all of it (and more!)

Hope this post was useful! Keep traveling, stay fit! It ain’t too tough 🙂





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  1. thedanny1972 says:

    i have always enjoyed. running on vacation. Very nice article. I have ran in cali michigan nc. and pa all memorable experienes

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