Nice is very nice!

For me, France was always equal to Paris. When anyone told me they were visiting France, it was Paris for me. And that grew onto me. I visited France thrice and it was always Paris. Sept 2017, I decided to explore France more. People talk so much about it and of course, there was more to it, than just Paris. Decided to go South – Visited Nice and Monaco for the weekend. And it was one of the best weekends I’ve had. Thought I’ll write a little about my trip in this blog post and share my experience.

Firstly, Nice is pronounced as “Neece” and not nice like the adjective. Important to get this right before your trip 🙂 Since Nice is like 20 miles from Italy, there is a lot of Italian influence in the area. So its a good mix of French and Italian culture – what could be better than this. eh? Also, remember to check ratings on TripAdvisor – very reliable source for almost everything!

How to get to Nice?

I took a very short flight from Paris to Nice since I had a little less than 2 days in the area and wanted to explore the city to the fullest. But if you got the time, take a train from Paris down south. It is a very beautiful route – you are sure going to love it. Takes around 7 hours.

Best time to visit?

It starts getting pretty cold from October. Would recommend visiting between May/June – September. The water would be too cold for a dip and you don’t want to miss out on those beaches!

Where to stay?

So, I visited Nice with a friend who lives 2 hours away. She knows each part of the city and of course, her recommendations were the best! We stayed at a hotel just by the waterfront – this was in the city center and everything was almost walking distance from here. Loved the location as well as the hotel! It was called – Albert 1er @ 4, Avenue des Phoceens, Nice, 06000, Francia.

I would totally recommend this hotel. Had a great experience and I could walk to almost anywhere from here. The view from the room was also fabulous!


The evenings in Nice –

We walked the entire city almost. First went to the waterfront and it was magical. The weather was just perfect – Not too cold or hot. There were people biking, walking, running, chilling and it was a nice busy area. There’s ample space to sit.

We then walked to this busy area full of restaurants and bars – The Avenue Jean Médecin is a street located in the center of Nice, one of the city’s main. On it are the main shops of the city, both for local residents and for tourists. Had a nice dinner – Pizza and wine (Nothing too great!) and then walked to a dessert place to have a Nutella crepe. One thing I don’t get about these crepes in France – Why is the Nutella so less? 🙂 Just ask them for extra, you won’t regret it. The next day, we booked a table at the Aqua e Farina – Authentic Italian food. Totally recommended!



Post dinner, we took a long walk in this park that runs through the center of the city – It’s a huge park and calming, to say the least. There are fountains, lights, area for kids, and what not! Thoroughly enjoyed this walk – day or night.



The walks –

In addition, to the park and waterfront, remember to walk to this sign that says “#I LOVE NICE” – Not only do you get a great click by this sign, but you’re walking all through the waterfront. The view by this sign is to die for! You can admire all of Nice from here and it’s stunning. There is also a Castle you can walk up to, to get amazing clicks.

Things to do when in Nice?

Nice is a very chill city. It doesn’t have crazy nightlife or such. It lures tourists for its charm, beaches, food, and culture. When in Nice, you must try going to Monaco (1-hour drive) and Cannes (1.5-hour drive). If you have to pick one, I would pick Monaco any day. The drive to Monaco is picturesque and there are tons of beaches you should go to for a dip. Usually, you need to rent a spot at these beaches – there are very few free spots. Not too expensive to rent a spot though.

The coast is wonderful in the Riviera – be prepared to spend some quality beach time in when in Nice! Don’t forget to pack those bikinis and swimwear.

Hope you have a wonderful trip to Nice! Shoutout for any questions. Would be happy to help!



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  1. phoenixraay says:

    Wow it looks beautiful there, and the food looks great too!

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    1. Thanks for appreciating the post! 🙂

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