An evening in Paris!

I LOVE PARIS! I can keep visiting this city again and again. It is so perfect. Every part of the city makes me fall in love. I have been to Paris thrice so far. With every visit, I wanted to move away from touristy to the less touristy spots. Travel like a local, eat where the locals do and dress like one (Of course!) 😉

I am definitely going to write more about this city – things to do, places to visit, where to eat, what to wear etc. But in this blog, I wanted to talk about an evening in this wonderful city. If you have a free evening and want to travel like a local, you are reading the right stuff. Note: I am not doing touristy stuff in this blog.

Where to stay (this is not the topic of this blog but I think this is a very important part of your trip to Paris):

So, I was staying at Port Maillot in the Marriott. It is quite a central location – very close to Arc de Triomphe which is the city center. Best part – my hotel was a 7 min walk to the Metro station. I personally think this is so important in Paris. Ubers/Cabs can cost you a lot. Buying metro passes is the best way to commute in Paris. I would totally recommend staying close to the train station, wherever you stay. My previous trip was a solo trip. I got a room for myself in the generator hostel – super hostel! Again, very close to the metro – literally a min walk from the hostel.

Evening stroll:

Took the metro to Notre Dame from my hotel. The trip was beautiful. Especially when the train neared Tour De Eiffel – You can see the Eiffel from so many angles. I enjoyed this journey thoroughly. Got off the Notre Dame, walked to it, took some nice pictures outside.

​​​Next – I walked to Latin Quarter from Notre Dame – It is a 3-4 min walk. I just love this patch! A barrage of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops in a couple of tiny alleys seems so enchanting. I love this area! I found a cute wine bar and sat there for 45 mins with a nice Rose! The vibe is just amazing. You will love this area. Don’t forget to try some nice Gelato while you are here. They have a lot of shops here. Also, if you want to pick a nice hat or a souvenir – I strongly recommend Latin Quarter.

Took off from LQ around 7 PM after my glass of wine and walked by the River Seine. This walk is going to leave you breathless. It is quaint and peaceful! Lots of trees cover this path and that makes it so green and beautiful. I walked until I reached the bridge of locks – Pont des Arts. It is a very romantic place (like so many others in Paris!). Best time to visit would be late in the night – You will find a ton of people drinking and some live music too! Till a few years back, a lot of couples would “lock” their love on this bridge and promise to stay together forever by locking a lock here. This sounds too shady! But I would totally do it if they let me 🙂 Unfortunately, this is not allowed anymore because of the weight of the locks and all those locks are now gone (Wondering what happened to the couples after this act :D)

After spending 30 peaceful minutes on this bridge and clicking a ton of pictures again, I walked to the BEST FRENCH RESTAURANT I have eaten at in Paris – Les Grands Verres! This was suggested to me by a Parisian and boy it didn’t let me down! You definitely need a reservation here and need to be quite well dressed. I walked here from Pont des Arts. Again, the walk was amazing – the sun was setting and the sky seemed like a postcard. Talking about the restaurant, we got lucky to get a table from where we could watch the Eiffel shine and sparkle. The menu was limited which I love about any place I eat at, the wine was to die for and desserts – mmmm lip smacking! Highly recommend the restaurant for the wine, food, and pictures.

Saving the best for last –  Walked to the Eiffel tower, gazed at it for hours. This place just makes you want to dream. There is a garden right across the Eiffel where hundreds of folks sit to look at this wonder. I think its the best place to view the Eiffel from. You can even get your bottle of wine (or buy one from the locals selling it on the spot) and drink here. Or smoke Sheesha – Yeah I did see a guy smoke Sheesha here (I think its a great idea). Whatever be your mode of entertainment, this is surely going to end your day in a great way! Before heading back, I stopped by a cafe right by the Eiffel to get a nice cup of coffee.


I enjoyed myself thoroughly this evening. Brought back so many memories and sharing these with you in this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading! I would be happy to answer any questions about Paris. Just a shout away 🙂




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