Flawless complexion in a jiffy!

Hey Ladies,

This post is dedicated to all my girls. Unless you’re a guy who likes makeup. How cool are you!

I stayed away from makeup for 30 years. Always dreaded events where it was absolutely essential to put something on the face (else you look way too bland), like weddings. I felt I look super silly with that makeup on. It’s so not me – so artificial and made up my face looks. I have only used Kohl from as far back as I can remember. After I turned 30, I walked into a Bare Minerals store in San Francisco and told them my story and how I’ve never done makeup. I asked them to give me a demo on my skin and sell me something that will look absolutely natural and won’t hurt my skin. I was stunned by how amazingly natural all the products looked on my skin. I shopped so much that day and now I knew how to not look horrendous in these events! Yay thanks, Bare Minerals.

So I decided to write a little about these 5 steps anyone can follow (even me!). May take 1-2 attempts to get perfect. But its so worth it. Plus these products are not harmful to your skin. Nonetheless, try to opt for organic products – will really matter down the line! These steps remain the same irrespective of the products you choose. Here you go-


Smooth away dryness, uneven texture and the appearance of fine lines while prepping for a flawless foundation application with foundation primer 


Apply your choice of foundation with a face brush for a skin perfecting coverage


Apply your choice of concealer with a maximum coverage concealer brush to hide imperfections. I use a little under the eyes to cover the puffs. But really little, not a big fan of applying a dense layer


This can be blush, bronzer, Luminizer or all over face color to get that extra oomph! Personally, I love the bronzer. Usually, apply it on the cheekbones.


Use the flawless application face brush to buff a finishing powder to infuse skin with softness and light for the ultimate finishing touch.

Don’t forget the lip gloss! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing (and using these products) and thought this was informative. If you have any questions, I am just a shout away. Thanks for stopping by my space.


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