Can’t go wrong with them crops!

Crop tops these days are THE thing! Any part of the world you go to, you see people wearing crops and you’ll find locals also appreciating the same! I was on a Safari in South Africa and I got a ton of compliments in that area where you don’t see a whole bunch anyway!

They look cute and you don’t have to be size 0 to wear them. Well, if you are, go flaunt those abs. If not, there are numerous ways to wear them. With the right combination, you can wear these for pretty much any occasion – Including a formal meeting (yes, you got that!) This post is dedicated to all those who like or want to explore crop tops.

  • CROP top with high waisted knot tie loose pants and optional hat

Cant go wrong with this look. Comfortable and casual. These knot tie pants are from Zara Mumbai and oh boy they are comfortable or what! The best pair of pants I have owned.

  • Off-shoulder CROP top with jeans – Pair these with heels to get that extra “pump”

In this one, I tried a contrast look and it worked out great! Great combination for lunch/happy hour/chilled out evening

  • CROP top with loose casual white pants

White pants would go with just about any color of crop top, try to pair them with bright colors for that summer look. Footwear – sneakers or flip-flops, just make it casual. What a great combination for a long drive!

  • CROP top with skirt

Try crop top with long/medium/short skirt. First and second combination work great for an outing, with a short skirt (leather in my case), you can totally hit the bar/lounge/club. Don’t forget to wear subtle makeup!



  • CROP top with palazzo pants

You can totally pair palazzo with crop tops – may ruin the look of the top as palazzos can be high waisted (like mine) but they look cute nonetheless! Pair with some accessories.


  • CROP top with Dungarees

Needless to say, Dungarees can be worn anywhere, anytime! Crop tops look beautiful with these too. Instead of the usual tee, try a crop top!


  • CROP top for formal gatherings

However weird it may sound, crop tops work really well for formal evenings or for that all-day office look. Pair it with nice black trousers and a casual jacket and look how many folks compliment you!

Hope you liked this post! Comment, like, leave feedback – means a lot! Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this one ❤



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vira says:

    Lovely! I’m so happy for you and the way you are living your life. Like they say, we get one chance, may as well make it worth it.
    And love those crop tops! It would be awesome to be know where to get those 😀

    oh! and I can’t wait to do your photoshoot when you travel here or when I’m in B’bay!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Vira! You have a lovely page. I am going to learn so much from your blog. Following you to get updates on the latest!

    We need to live to the fullest. Won’t get another chance! Hence, waiting to get clicked by the expert 😀 It will be my pleasure!

    It’s a great idea! I should mention where I shopped these from too. For now, I will DM you 🙂


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