A salon I approve of in Mumbai!

So, I moved from the US to Mumbai end of 2016. Until I returned, all my haircuts, hair color, treatments were done in my favorite salon in San Francisco, California. I was extremely confident about their services even though they were on the pricey side (but so are most salons in San Francisco). Having lived out of India for 8 years, I was pretty dated with my salon database. I was desperately looking for a salon with similar (or better) services in Mumbai. Visited a whole bunch and returned only disappointed. These were ones with good reviews and all that, but I was pretty unhappy about their services and more with their arrogance. Hair is so important! It can make or break your look. Very difficult to live with a bad haircut.

Took me three months, to find the most perfect salon! FInally found the Honey Lulla Salon in Khar, Mumbai.

They have valet parking which definitely helps a ton in Bandra/Khar (or really anywhere in Mumbai). I think the salon itself is so cozy and gives you a great vibe. They have this beautiful glass rooftop that makes the salon look bright and gorgeous. Honey is one of the best. Neha is wonderful too! Haircuts, colors and cysteine treatment – one of the best! Their makeup services are fab too! Expensive but you can be sure you’re gonna walk out beautiful from this place. If you are like me who gets the hair done every three months, Honey Lulla salon is so worth it. Make sure you get your appointment. Walk-in isn’t preferred. Hope this helps you pick your comfort spot!




(Gone short ^)


(Violet hair, don’t care ^)

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